Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Makeup on a Budget.

Hey my makeup beauties i know how you all love makeup especial some of you M.a.c feens! Well i just joined a member ship at Mac'Makeup Addict on facebook...now she does say That the products are not Authentic but for the price and compared to real M.a.c you are getting the same quality in makeup the packaging that it comes is you can tell its not as good as M.a.c but the prices are good. The membership is 20.00 a month and she will include 3 items in a package a month your membership must be paid for on time each month NO EXCEPTIONS! Here is a picture of my order.

The gloss is $8.00
Finish powder: $10.00
Eyeshadow: $5.00

I have to say that those are good deals for some of you who can't afford to buy real M.a.c...Check out Mac'Makeup Addict on Facebook.

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