Sunday, August 1, 2010

My first Pro shoot.

 So this is my first Blog post. Yay! very excited ,and look forward to many more postings. I will post pictures of my work from professional pictures, to  looks i create on myself and work i do on some of my clients. I also do video's on Youtube some Tutorials etc...if you would like to request a look please do so.

Hi everyone so i finally got to work with a photographer his name is David, He is amazing and very easy to get along with You can view more of his images at .


  1. hey girl love your blog go ahead and follow me on mine did you get a picture up there on the top of your page? i have been trying to do that let me know thanks

  2. Thank you. will do i went to were it says design and than it says header here and there you can put a picture.